Toward the Cure of Pediatric Cancer Through Global Collaboration

On May 13, 2019 in Minsk First Deputy Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich and Director of the National Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology Olga Aleinikova signed a respective document about the membership of Belarus in the Eurasian Alliance in Pediatric Oncology (EurADO). The EurADO was represented by Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, EurADO Chairman, Executive Vice President, Chair of the Global Pediatric Medicine Department at St. Jude Hospital, Director of St. Jude Global (USA).

“Belarus' accession to the alliance will be followed by new projects designed to improve the quality of medical care and qualifications of healthcare personnel and to expand the research in the country and in the region”. (BelTA)

Olga Aleinikova noted that pediatric cancer treatment in Belarus had achieved definite positive development. Thanks to deep scientific molecular and genetic research of cancer cells and the application of new clinical trials the cancer survival rate of children stands at 74% regardless of the disease stage (in some types of cancer the survival rate is as high as 98%).

The National Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology being the leading pediatric cancer cure institution in Belarus, has the opportunity to share its experience and train healthcare professionals, who are interested in the problems of pediatric oncology, hematology and imminodeficiency. We offer practice oriented qualification upgrading courses and internships for doctors from the CIS member states and Belarus.