Happy Day

On January 9, the Center hosted a festive event from the cycle "Happy Day". Celebrations united by this name are held here by a volunteer group "5000" on a quarterly basis. The present was timed to the New Year and Christmas Holidays. The patients of the Center were pleased with the colorful performance with a musical Program. Especially popular with children in the Center for treatment, Traditionally used growth dolls, depicting fairy-tale characters. The guys had the opportunity to take a picture with their favorite ones Fairytale and cartoon heroes: for this you could use the services Photographer or photobox at your choice. Everyone was presented with New Year's gifts.

Volunteer group "5000" thanks everyone who took part in the preparation of the holiday: Students and the team of secondary school № 161 in Minsk, the company "IBA" and "Human Systems" and all Not indifferent citizens who responded to the appeal on the Internet and in the media.