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Minsk R-n, d. Borovliany
43 Frunzenskaya street
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X-ray Department

The radiological Department is represented by a computer tomography room and a radiological research methods room. X-ray examinations at the patient's bedside are carried out by a mobile x-ray machine.

The Department also has a blood irradiator. Since September 2018, the magnetic resonance imaging office has been opened with the most modern diagnostic programs for the study of the entire body without radiation load. The Department provides up-to-date diagnostics of all organs and systems in children with suspected oncological pathology, as well as at the stages of treatment and medical examination in the amount of up to 10 thousand studies per year.

Surname, name, patronymic



Rutskaya Elena Aleksandrovna

 Head of x-ray departments 



 Magnetic resonance imaging