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operating mode: 8.00-17.30

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operating mode: 8.00 – 15.40 (ПН.-Пт.)


Minsk R-n, d. Borovliany
43 Frunzenskaya street
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Department of medical rehabilitation

The Department of medical rehabilitation is the first Department of this kind in Belarus, designed for patients with oncohematological profile at the stage of inpatient treatment of the main disease, as well as during the period of dispensary observation of patients.

The purpose of medical rehabilitation is the complete or partial restoration of the following vital functions of the patient:

  • self-service;
  • ability to work;
  • orientation;
  • communication;
  • control your actions;
  • learning opportunity.

The main principles of assigning procedures in the Department: the earliest possible time, complexity, continuity.

Classes with patients are conducted individually. The Department has a room for kinesotherapy, a gym, a massage room, a swimming pool, an underwater massage room, an inhalator, and a phytotherapy room.

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Mlawa Tamara Fedorovna

Head of Department of medical rehabilitation 

 287-10-82 (237)


Post оf Department of medical rehabilitation 

 287-10-82 (239)