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Minsk R-n, d. Borovliany
43 Frunzenskaya street
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Department of infection control

The Department of infection control is unique in the Republic of Belarus. It brings together infectious diseases doctors, an epidemiologist, a clinical pharmacologist, bacteriologists, a registered nurse and an assistant epidemiologist.

Main activities:

  • complex of sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures aimed at preventing infectious complications;
  • continuous microbiological monitoring (screening of certain categories of patients) to determine the antimicrobial sensitivity of isolated microorganisms;
  • antimicrobial management, which includes the development of up-to-date algorithms for prevention, diagnosis, empirical and targeted antimicrobial therapy of infectious complications and their continuous updating based on an operational analysis (1-2 times a half-year) of the situation with the microbial landscape and microbial resistance;
  • operational accounting of antimicrobial drug consumption in hospitals and departments for subsequent analysis and use of this data for correction and optimization of antimicrobial management; consulting activities in clinical departments in relation to patients with infectious complications;
  • educational activities (training of hospital staff, professional development of specialists from other institutions), participation in scientific research related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious complications.

Surname, name, patronymic



 Svetlana Leonidovna Kondaurova

Head of Department of infection control