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Awarded the degree of doctor of medical Sciences


The defense of the doctoral dissertation on "Tumors of the Ewing sarcoma family: diagnosis, prognosis and treatment taking into account the molecular profile of the neoplasm" was held at the meeting of the dissertation defense Council at the state institution "Republican scientific and practical center of Oncology and medical radiology named after N. N. Alexandrov" on June 12, 2019. During the defense, the work was awarded a high rating – 4.9 points.
The award of the doctorate was the result of more than 20 years of research activity of the scientist. L. p. Kiselev has been studying tumors of the Ewing sarcoma family under the guidance of corresponding member of the national Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Professor O. V. Aleynikova, almost since his arrival at the Center in 1998 as an Intern. Leonid Petrovich's PhD thesis, which he defended in 2008, was also devoted to the development of aspects of this problem that are of the greatest practical interest.
The distinctive features of L. p. Kiselev's doctoral dissertation are a pronounced practice-oriented orientation in combination with a reliance on the most modern approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of this type of neoplasm that currently exist in the world. The study was based on data on 260 patients who from 1999 to 2006 had a diagnostic complex and treatment for bone and soft tissue sarcomas, in which Leonid Petrovich, who eventually headed one of the cancer departments of the Center, was directly involved.
The model for predicting the results of patient therapy based on the expression of molecular markers of angiogenesis in the neoplasm tissue during primary diagnosis, proposed on the basis of the dissertation research, has become a completely original in-house development, which is in the most current trend of modern medicine. This is the personalization of the therapeutic plan with a minimal increase in toxic effects on patients, which contributes to improving their quality of life and more successful socio-economic adaptation after recovery. The use of antiangiogenic therapy for patients suffering from localized forms of tumors of the Ewing sarcoma family increases the 5-year event-free survival rate by 22.7%. The results of the study can be used in healthcare institutions that provide care to such patients.
L. p. Kiselev plans to continue the development of this topic, in particular, to extrapolate the data obtained and expand the proposed approach to other solid neoplasms.
We congratulate our colleague and wish him further success in implementing his scientific and professional plans!