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Blood bank

The center for pediatric Oncology, Hematology and immunology has been operating a personal cord blood storage Bank (PC Bank) since 2010, which currently houses more than 1,300 samples. Cord blood is the blood remaining in the placenta and umbilical cord after birth, Vienna. The uniqueness of cord blood is that as a material for stem cell transplantation, it is 100% suitable for a child, with a probability of about 75% - for his siblings, and in some cases (if the parameters of the stem cells match) and another person who needs a transplant.

The blood collection procedure is performed at the moment when the umbilical cord is clamped and cut, no later than 15 minutes after the birth of the child without any contact with either the mother or the child. The cord blood is transported to the PC Bank at a temperature of 18-25 degrees for a period not exceeding 48 hours.

Each unit of cord blood (PC) delivered from the maternity home to the PC Bank laboratory is initially subjected to automatic or manual processing, followed by freezing to-196oC and storage at ultra-low temperature until the PC Bank customer requests it. The technology of processing and storage of biological material meets all international quality criteria for the organization of cord blood banks.

The field of application of cord blood is expanding from year to year. It is known for its effective use in anemia of premature babies of the first days of life. Transplantation of hematopoietic cord blood stem cells can restore normal hematopoiesis in a patient with oncohematological diseases (leukemia, lymphoma, etc.) or malignancies after chemoradiotherapy. The number of successful cord blood cell transplants is in the tens of thousands and continues to grow steadily. Recently, cord blood is increasingly used in regenerative medicine for the treatment of patients with various diseases, since the cord blood cells secrete biologically active molecules that induce the recovery of various damaged tissues of the body. Thus, their effectiveness in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases has already been confirmed: cerebral palsy, ischemic encephalopathy, stroke, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, cystic fibrosis, and immunological diseases.

Any citizen of the Republic of Belarus or foreign citizens can become a client of our Bank. At the same time, all international requirements for privacy are met.

Personal storage of cord blood is a paid service. For more information, please call:
+375 17 287 10 85.