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The order of learning

Educational programs are implemented individually or as groups are filled.Training sessions begin no later than 3 months after the conclusion of the relevant contract.

Students fill out a three-way (two-way) agreement on professional development in 3 (2) copies.

Students fill out a two-way agreement (if the student pays for the training) or a three – way agreement (if the student's training is paid for by the sending organization).

To register, the listener must have:

1. Direction or application for training addressed to the Director of the state institution "Republican scientific and practical center of children's Oncology, Hematology and immunology" (original);

2. Contract for professional development: two-sided-signed by the customer (2 copies with original seals), three-sided-signed by the customer and the listener(3 copies with original seals);

3. Document on payment for training under the educational program of advanced training (for students who study at the expense of the sending organization; students who study at their own expense);

4. A document of education, a copy of it (diploma, diploma of retraining, certificate of advanced training – if available) or a duly certified copy of the document of education;

5. Copy of passport;

6. Travel certificate (if necessary).

The certificate of professional development of the state sample is issued at the end of the training period when providing a full set of documents.

All questions can be clarified by phone:

  • +375 (17) 287-10-59 Sophia Yanovna Kryszalowicz (head. educational and methodological sector)
  • +375 (17) 287-10-15 Marina Vladimirovna Borisevich (Deputy dir. for organizational and methodological work)
  • +375 (17) 287-10-14 Mikhail Belevtsev (Deputy dir. for science)

or send an email: