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Doctoral study

Doctoral studies are the second stage of postgraduate education, the purpose of which is to prepare and defend a dissertation for the degree of doctor of science.

The procedure for admission and training in doctoral studies is defined by the "Regulations on the training of highly qualified researchers in the Republic of Belarus", approved by decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated 01.12.2011 No. 561.

Acceptance of documents for admission to the doctoral program is carried out annually from August 1 to September 30.

Admission to the doctoral program is held annually on a competitive basis from 1 to 31 October.

The center provides doctoral training in the following specialty: 14.01.21-Hematology and transfusion (medical and biological Sciences).

The cost of training for foreign citizens in full - time training is us $ 6,000 per year, and in part - time training-us $ 4,500 per year.

The cost of reagents and accommodation is paid additionally.

Doctoral studies are carried out in the following forms:

  • Daily (3 years)
  • Job search (5 years)