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Dear friends!
Dear patients!
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We want to introduce you to a unique children's medical center in our Republic. This is perhaps the most vivid embodiment of the well – known slogan “all the best for children”. The Republican scientific and practical center for children's Oncology, Hematology and immunology of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus was opened in October 1997. It was the result of cooperation between the Belarusian and Austrian governments, as well as the Austrian humanitarian organization "Hilfswerk". Today, this beautiful blue-and-white building represents our wildest dreams of a new century of medicine.

Every year in our country, about 300-350 boys and girls get sick with malignant neoplasms. These diseases are one of the leading causes of death in children under 18 years of age worldwide. Fortunately, we are not talking about the total fatality of childhood cancer today. This is a disease that needs to be treated and can be cured. In all civilized countries, the level of care for cancer patients is assessed not only by the level of medical care in the country, but also by the level of development of society and its human values. Today, we can say with confidence that most of our young patients have a future.

The path of development of pediatric Oncology and Hematology in our Republic has been long and difficult. It all started with a small Hematology Department with 30 beds at the 1st clinical hospital in Minsk. The applied therapy regimens did not give encouraging results, there were not enough medications, and the level of diagnostics left much to be desired. Only 12 patients out of every 100 treated for acute leukemia had a chance of life. In 1990, a Children's Hematology center was established on the basis of the 1st clinical hospital in Minsk, and modern treatment protocols were applied. However, the risk of complications was very high due to poor conditions of patients ' stay in the hospital, because the children's Hematology center was located in an unsuitable room. At the same time, children with solid tumors were treated on the basis of adult cancer departments until some cases, the main methods of treatment were surgical and palliative radiation therapy. In 1989, the children's Department was opened on the basis of the research Institute of Oncology and medical radiology. Nevertheless, there was an urgent need for a well-equipped specialized children's clinic that would combine the efforts and knowledge of pediatric hematologists and oncologists with the ability to develop and quickly implement new treatment methods that meet international quality standards for all children in Belarus suffering from hematological diseases or malignant tumors.

Thanks to the use of modern diagnostic and treatment protocols, the introduction of high-tech methods, the Center has achieved results comparable to the world's leading centers. Thus, the overall five-year survival rate of children (0-17 years) with hemoblastoses (leukemia, lymphoma) is 84%, and for other malignancies (excluded hemoblastoses) – 75%. Published in 2015 in the Lancet journal, data from a comparative analysis of survival rates for patients from 67 countries indicate that Belarus ranks 10th in the world in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, ahead of countries such as the United States, Israel, Japan, Finland, and others(Lancet 2015; 385: 977-1010).