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We are pleased to present a unique medical center in our country. The Center is probably the most vivid reflection of a well-known saying “Children deserve the best”. Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology under the Ministry of Healthcare of Republic of Belarus was opened in October of 1997 as the result of cooperation of Belarusian and Austrian governments and Austrian humanitarian organization “Hilfswerk”. Today this beautiful white-and-blue building embodies our most ambitious dreams of a new millennium medicine.

Some 300 – 350 children in our country fall ill of malignancies every year. This type of disease is one of the major causes of death of children under 18 in the world. We are lucky not to speak about incurability. Oncological diseases must be and can be treated. In fact, the level of medical service, as well as the level of society development is reflected by the way a country is coping with oncology. And we can say with confidence that most of our small patients in Belarus have future.

There has been the long way of childhood hematology and oncology development in Belarus. It all started with a small Hematology Department in Minsk hospital №1. The treatment that was used at that time did not give encouraging results; diagnostic procedures were poor; proper medicines lacked. Only 12 out of 100 treated patients with acute leukemias had chances to survive. In 1990 Childhood Hematology Center was set up on the basis of Minsk hospital №1 and modern protocols were introduced for leukemia’s treatment. Unsatisfactory conditions for patients in that building lead to the high risk of infectious complications for them. At the same time at the end of 1990th all children with solid tumors were treated in oncological departments of hospitals for adult patients with surgical operations and palliative therapy. Thus, there was a vital necessity for a well-equipped specialized children hospital that would join all efforts, skills and experience of children hematologists and oncologists and provide advanced treatment and diagnosis protocols, which meet world’s highest standards of treatment quality.

Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, opened in 1997, made a great impetus to a prospective clinical medicine development in Belarus and to the national school of childhood oncology and hematology in particular. Overall survival of children with cancer is increased significantly. Results of treatment that we have currently got today fully meet the world’s standards. For instance, 10-years overall survival of children with ALL is 75%, Hodgkin disease – 93%; 5-years progression/event free survival of children with central nervous system tumors is 64%, nephroblastoma – 84%, osteosarcoma – 60%. Transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells gives a chance to the children with poor prognosis, when standard treatment procedures are not effective. Totally, 262 transplantations were performed during the period for 1998-2006 years with the overall survival of 60%. These achievements would not be possible without thorough every-day work of our united medical staff as well as the kind care of nurses. In the year 2007, our medical personnel consists of 102 doctors and 220 nurses, 40% of whom are higher and first professional category specialists that attend international and domestic conferences regularly, take part in ongoing research activities and have scientific publications. 24 specialists hold academic PhD degree, some of them are docents and professors.

Our Center cooperates with different specialists including those from oncological and hematological clinics of Healthcare ministry in Russian Federation, Children hospital of University of Hanover (Germany), St. Anna’s Children Hospital of University of Graz (Austria), University Hospital in Lill (France), University of Hiroshima (Japan), International Cancer Registry, National Solid Tumors’ Register of France, etc. There are several ongoing research activities with our partners and friends in the frame of LCH III Study (third international LCH trail); European Registry of Immunodeficiency (ESID Onliner Database); Intercontinental Childhood ITP Registry, ITP Registry II, PARS – ITP; Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS); treatment protocols for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL-MB-2002, Russia-Belarus), acute myeloid leukemia (AML-ММ-2000, AML-ММ-2006, Russia-Belarus), acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL-98, APL-2003), relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL-Relapse-BFM-2002-BRK, Belarus-Russia-Kazakhstan); etc.

Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology has also become the methodic-organizational and consulting center and provides educational courses on childhood oncology, hematology and palliative medicine for students, doctors and nurses from Belarus and CIS. The medical staff of the Center has attended advanced training courses in Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Study, as well as in hospitals in Austria (St. Anna), Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and USA (St. Jude).

We are proud to use international standards for medical care that implicate systematization and strict control of medical procedures, and to combine them with a cordial care for every patient. All our gained experience, skills, technologies and innovations as well as personal approach to every patient is aimed to help him recover and adapt to a new life without illness. Every cured patient always becomes our mutual happiness. The year 2007 marks the Center’s 10th anniversary. Being proud of we have already achieved, we are also aware that even more challenging tasks may arise in the next 10 years. We at BRCPOH will make every effort to meet these challenges thereby contributing greatly to our healthier children and our nation’s healthier future.

Olga Aleinikova

Aleinikova Olga Vitalyevna, Doctor of Medicine, M.D., professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, director of the State Institution “Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology”, hematologist of the highest qualifying category, chief part-time specialist on pediatric onco-hematology of the Belarusian Ministry of Health. Main research fields: epidemiology of cancer in children, development and introduction of the innovative methods of diagnostics and treatment of the oncological and hematological diseases in children, adolescents and young adults using cell technologies, hemopoietic stem cell transplantation, hyperthermia and biotherapy.

Membership in the International medical societies and associations:
1. International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP)
2. European Society for Paediatric Hematology and Immunology (ESPHI)
3. The European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT)
4. Member of the Commission of the Prevention, Diagnostics, and Treatment Methods and Organization Work Model of the Ministry of Health of Belarus
5. Member of advisory committee (Higher Certification Commission) in specialty: oncology (medical science)
6. Authorized representative for the General Assembly of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
7. Editorial board member of the Russian Pediatrician’s Union research magazine “Hematology/Oncology and Immunology Questions in Pediatrics”

Honors and Awards

1. International Premium OTTO-HAN for an important contribution in treatment of children who suffered from Chernobyl disaster (1992).
2. Diploma of Council of Ministers of Belarus for commissioning of the Belarusian Research Centre for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology as a new stage in development of children’s oncology and hematology (1998).
3. “High Achiever of the Health Care” (1999).
4. Gold order of the Austrian government “For Great Services”(2003).
5. Thank-offering Letter of Council of Russian Federation for personal participation in the cooperated Russian- Belarusian study group for efficacy of treatment of lymphoblastic leukemia (2005).
6. Diploma of National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus for the personal participation in organization and development of the children’s oncology and hematology service, for considerable progress in treatment children with malignant diseases (2006)

She often presents research reports on the international symposiums, congresses and conferences in Belarus, CIS and abroad.

She is the author of over 340 research and methodological publications, 4 monographs, 3 patents.

Natalya Konoplya

Konoplya Natalia Eugenyevna, Doctor of Medicine, M.D., associate professor, deputy director on clinic of the State Institution “Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology”, oncologist of the highest qualifying category.

Main research fields: diagnostics and treatment of the malignant tumors in children.

I studied in England and Germany.

Since 1996 she is the member of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).

In 2010 she was the laureate of the contest for the best 2009 doctoral dissertation in the nomination “Medical and Veterinarian sciences”, and was receiving monthly bonus from the President of Belarus.

She is the author of over 60 research and methodological publications, 1 chapter in the book, 2 innovation proposals, 1 patent.

Vyacheslav Dmitriev

MD, associate professor, head of the laboratory study of the biological properties

Main research fields: diagnostics and correction of the congenital and acquired blood coagulation abnormalities in children and adults; development and introduction of the new methods of intensive therapy in malignant tumors in children

Rewarded with the title “High Achiever of the Health Care”.

He is the author of over 130 research and methodological publications, 1 monograph, 2 patents.